2020 Fixtures

Evening Singles 1               Evening Singles 2

Tue 7th Apr A HUNMANBY 1       Tue 7th Apr H NORTH CLIFF 2
Tue 14th Apr H DUKES PARK 2    Tue 14th Apr A BOROUGH
Tue 21st Apr A NORTH CLIFF 1    Tue 21st Apr H DUKES PARK 1
Tue 28th Apr H BRID BAY 2           Tue 28th Apr A BRIDLINGTON BAY 1
Tue 5th May A BOROUGH              Tue 5th May H BOROUGH 2
Tue 12th May H WHITBY               Tue 12th May A WHITBY 2
Tue 19th May A WESTGATE          Tue 19th May H HUNMANBY 1
Tue 26th May A NORTH CLIFF 2  Tue 26th May H DUKES PARK 2
Tue 2nd Jun H WHITBY 2              Tue 2nd Jun A NORTH CLIFF 1
Tue 9th Jun A DUKES PARK 1       Tue 9th Jun H WHITBY
Tue 16th Jun H BOROUGH 2         Tue 16th Jun A WESTGATE
Tue 23rd Jun H HUNMANBY 1     Tue 23rd Jun A NORTH CLIFF 2
Tue 30th Jun A DUKES PARK 2     Tue 30th Jun H BOROUGH
Tue 7th Jul H NORTH CLIFF 1       Tue 7th Jul A DUKES PARK 1
Tue 14th Jul A BRIDTON BAY 2     Tue 14th Jul H BRIDLINGTON BAY 1
Tue 21st Jul H BOROUGH               Tue 21st Jul A BOROUGH 2
Tue 28th Jul A WHITBY                  Tue 28th Jul H WHITBY 2
Tue 4th Aug H WESTGATE             Tue 4th Aug A HUNMANBY 1
Tue 11th Aug H NORTH CLIFF 2   Tue 11th Aug A DUKES PARK 2
Tue 18th Aug A WHITBY 2             Tue 18th Aug H NORTH CLIFF 1
Tue 25th Aug H DUKES PARK 1    Tue 25th Aug A WHITBY
Tue 1st Sep A BOROUGH 2             Tue 1st Sep H WESTGATE— 

Saturday 1                                        Saturday 2

Sat 18th Apr H WHITBY                 Sat 18th Apr A HUNMANBY B
Sat 25th Apr A DUKES PARK A      Sat 9th May H NORTH CLIFF B
Sat 9th May A NORTH CLIFF A      Sat 23rd May A EASTFIELD
Sat 23rd May H DUKES PARK B     Sat 30th May H WESTGATE
Sat 13th Jun H BOROUGH A           Sat 13th Jun A BOROUGH B
Sat 27th Jun A HUNMANBY A        Sat 27th Jun H ROBIN HOODS BAY
Sat 18th Jul A WHITBY                     Sat 18th Jul H HUNMANBY B
Sat 1st Aug H DUKES PARK A          Sat 8th Aug A NORTH CLIFF B
Sat 8th Aug H NORTH CLIFF A        Sat 15th Aug H EASTFIELD
Sat 15th Aug A DUKES PARK B        Sat 22nd Aug A WESTGATE
Sat 29th Aug A BOROUGH A            Sat 29th Aug H BOROUGH B
Sat 5th Sep H HUNMANBY A           Sat 5th Sep A ROBIN HOODS BAY

Over Sixties 1                                       Over Sixties 2

Wed 13th May A NORTH CLIFF 1    Wed 13th May H WESTGATE
Wed 20th May H EASTFIELD           Wed 20th May A DUKES PARK 1
Wed 27th May H WESTGATE           Wed 27th May A HUNMANBY 1
Wed 3rd Jun A BRID BAY 2               Wed 3rd Jun H BRID BAY 1
Wed 10th Jun H BOROUGH 1           Wed 10th Jun A EASTFIELD
Wed 17th Jun A DUKES PARK 1       Wed 17th Jun H BOROUGH 1
Wed 24th Jun H HUNMANBY 1       Wed 24th Jun A NORTH CLIFF 1
Wed 1st Jul H NORTH CLIFF 1         Wed 1st Jul A WESTGATE
Wed 8th Jul A EASTFIELD                Wed 8th Jul H DUKES PARK 1
Wed 15th Jul A WESTGATE              Wed 15th Jul H HUNMANBY 1
Wed 22nd Jul H BRID BAY 2             Wed 22nd Jul A BRID BAY 1
Wed 29th Jul A BOROUGH 1             Wed 29th Jul H EASTFIELD
Wed 5th Aug H DUKES PARK 1        Wed 5th Aug A BOROUGH 1
Wed 12th Aug A HUNMANBY 1       Wed 12th Aug H NORTH CLIFF 1

Over Sixties 3

Thu 14th May H NORTH CLIFF 2
Thu 28th May H HUNMANBY 3
Thu 4th Jun H BOROUGH 2
Wed 10th Jun A DUKES PARK 2
Thu 18th Jun H HUNMANBY 2
Wed 24th Jun A WHITBY
Wed 1st Jul A NORTH CLIFF 2
Thu 16th Jul A HUNMANBY 3
Wed 22nd Jul A BOROUGH 2
Thu 30th Jul H DUKES PARK 2
Wed 5th Aug A HUNMANBY 2
Thu 13th Aug H WHITBY

Thursday Doubles

Thu 2nd Apr H BOROUGH 1
Thu 9th Apr A DUKES PARK 1
Thu 16th Apr H NORTH CLIFF 2
Thu 23rd Apr A WESTGATE 1
Thu 30th Apr H HUNMANBY 1
Fri 8th May A HUNMANBY 3
Thu 14th May A WHITBY
Thu 21st May H BOROUGH 2
Thu 28th May A EASTFIELD
Thu 4th Jun H WESTGATE 2
Fri 5th Jun A NORTH CLIFF 1
Thu 11th Jun H BOROUGH 3
Thu 18th Jun A HUNMANBY 2
Thu 25th Jun A BOROUGH 1
Thu 2nd Jul H DUKES PARK 1
Thu 9th Jul A NORTH CLIFF 2
Fri 10th Jul H WESTGATE 1
Thu 16th Jul A HUNMANBY 1
Thu 23rd Jul H HUNMANBY 3
Fri 24th Jul H WHITBY
Thu 30th Jul A BOROUGH 2
Fri 31st Jul H EASTFIELD
Thu 6th Aug A WESTGATE 2
Thu 13th Aug H NORTH CLIFF 1
Fri 21st Aug A BOROUGH 3
Thu 27th Aug H HUNMANBY 2

Opening Hours

The Clubhouse, Bowling & Putting Greens are open every day between the beginning of April and the end of September between the hours of 10.00 and 17.00

If you are intending to use the bowling or putting greens then please ensure that you start your game no later than 16.00

Party Bookings

The Club sometimes receives enquiries for party bookings to use the green.

Party bookings are most welcome but we do have to make our League Games and Club Competitions a priority so please contact our Secretary for further information.

How To Find Us

After admission into the Sewerby Hall & Grounds simply follow the footpath across the front of The Hall to the seaward side of the wall and beside the grassed areas.

The footpath will eventually lead you to the Bridlington Bay Clubhouse where you will be made most welcome.

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