Club Competitions/Team Selection


Goodwill Cup
Sunday, July 9th 2019 – Start 10-30 am
Steward:  Lynne Humpleby. Mob. 07801 515368

May Day Mini Cup
Sunday, 5th May 2019 – Start 10-30 am
Steward: Ray Sanderson. Mob. 07860 126420

Jubilee (Drawn) Mixed Pairs Trophy
Sunday, 26th May 2019 – Start 10-30 am
Steward: Sue Eaton. Mob. 01262 602021

President’s Salver
Sunday, 23rd June 2019  –  Start T.B.A
Steward: Leo Graves. Mob. T.B.A

Mixed Pairs Trophy
Sunday, 14th July 2019  – Start 10-30 am
Steward: Dave West. Mob. 07881 974003

Ladies Drawn Pairs Trophy
Sunday, 28th July 2019  – Start 11-00 am
Steward: Dianne Howard. Tel. 07779 143095
Mob: 07704 106167

Clock Bowls Trophy
Sunday 18th August. 2019  Start 1-00 pm
Steward: John Hawnt. Tel. 01262 422181

Ladies Rose Bowl
Semi Finals & Final 31st August   1-00 pm
Steward: Irene Hancock. Mob. 07794 45866

Anniversary Trophy
Semi Finals & Final Sunday 8th September. 2019 Start  1-00 pm
Steward: Leo Graves. Mob. 01262 860963

Autumn Cup
Friday 9th August.2019   Start 1-00 pm
(Entries on the day)
Steward: Eileen Davey. Mob. 01262 851829

Dolphin Bowl
Friday 30th August. 2019   Start 1-00 pm
(Entries on the day)
Steward: Keith Davey. Mob. 01262 851829

Bridlington Club Fixtures 2019 East Yorkshire Doubles

Wed 10/04/19. 6:00pm   Westgate  v  Dukes Park at Brid Bay
Wed 17/04/19. 6:00pm   Brid. Bay   v Westgate at Dukes Park
Wed 08/05/19. 6:00pm   Brid. Bay   v Dukes Park at Westgate

Ladies Stirrup Cup
Host Club 2018 Dukes Park
Host Club 2019 Brid Bay
Host Club 2020 Westgate

Friday 19/04/19. 2:00pm Dukes Park. v Westgate
Friday 26/04/19. 2:00pm  Westgate v Brid.
Friday 03/05/19. 2:00pm  BridBay v Dukes Park
Friday 24/05/19. 2:00pm Westgate v Dukes Park
Friday 28/06/19. 2:00pm Dukes Park v Brid. Bay
Friday 05/07/19 2:00pm Brid Bay v Westgate

Mayor’s Jack 8 Stand

Bridlington Bay v Dukes Park v Westgate

Saturday 04/05/19 Start 10:00am

Host Club 2019 Dukes Park
Host Club 2020 Brid Bay

Host Club 2021  Westgate

2020 Team Selection

Teams will be added when they are picked in 2020

Scarborough & District Evening Singles  –  Brid Bay 1

 Division 1


Scarborough & District Evening Singles  –  Brid Bay 2

 Division 2


Scarborough & District Evening  Singles  –  Brid Bay 3

 Division 2


Scarborough & District Saturday   –  Brid Bay A

Division  2


Scarborough & District Saturday   –  Brid Bay B

Division  2


Scarborough & District  – Over 60’s   –  Brid Bay 1

Division  1


Scarborough & District  – Over 60’s   –  Brid Bay 2

Division  1


Scarborough & District  – Over 60’s   –  Brid Bay 3

Division  1   


Scarborough & District  –  Evening Doubles

 Brid Bay



Opening Hours

The Clubhouse, Bowling & Putting Greens are open every day between the beginning of April and the end of September between the hours of 10.00 and 17.00

If you are intending to use the bowling or putting greens then please ensure that you start your game no later than 16.00

Party Bookings

The Club sometimes receives enquiries for party bookings to use the green.

Party bookings are most welcome but we do have to make our League Games and Club Competitions a priority so please contact our Secretary for further information.

How To Find Us

After admission into the Sewerby Hall & Grounds simply follow the footpath across the front of The Hall to the seaward side of the wall and beside the grassed areas.

The footpath will eventually lead you to the Bridlington Bay Clubhouse where you will be made most welcome.

Bridlington Bay Bowling Club
Sewerby Hall Gardens, Church Lane, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 1EA
Email: | Phone: 01262 400791

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