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Thursday 13th August 2020

Bridlington Bay Bowling Club


Please Note 

At present ,only Club Members are allowed in the bowling club area and Green.

All Members that visit the green must sign in to facilitate track and tracing  .

There is a sheet for names of players on the green and a sheet for non members sat off the green

We look forward in the future to welcome our other guests to enjoy the facilities we offer.



These Guidelines are issued based on recommendations from BCGBA and YCCGBA. A Risk Assessment has been prepared by the Club with the safety and wellbeing of all members a high priority. Please be aware that this guidance could change at any point and be withdrawn if the risk level increases.

PHASE 3 to commence Monday 10th August.

• NOTE: The Clubhouse is to REMAIN CLOSED till further notice.

• The Toilets are to OPEN. Members MUST follow the procedures put in place. Strong personal Hygiene practices to be carried out at every opportunity. It is the responsibility of each member to make use of the hot water, soap, paper towels and wipes, and disposal of waste in closed lid bins provided.

• Personally sterilize/wash with soapy water your own or club communal equipment. When at the green be careful about touching solid surfaces. Benches to be wiped down after use. No soft seating cushions to be provided (cannot be cleaned properly).

• Strict Social Distancing to be maintained at all times on and around the green. You MUST remain at a safe distance (2metres) from people outside your household. Groups to maintain and keep up to 4 metres social distancing between groups on the green. Max. 12 persons on the green allowed, with max. 4 jacks ( groups) at any one time.

• You must have permission from the club to use the green i.e. by booking a 1hr time slot a day and a total of 7 allowed in the week. Bookings can be made for 3 weeks in advance. Permission is given for a 1 hour slot to be extended if no players present at the green for next time slot booking. Bookings taken Mon. to Fri., between 9am to 11am with the Secretary on 01262850963.

• Please do NOT attend the green without a booked time slot, you can ONLY play if you have a booked time slot. Please arrive shortly (5mins) before booked time and sign the Attendance Register with arrival time and again with departure time. This is a requirement of the mandatory Track and Trace reporting procedure.

• The green is presently open Mon to Sun between 10am to 4pm. First slot starts at 10pm and last slot at 3pm. NOTE from Monday 24th August the green opening times CHANGE to 11am to 5pm. to allow the green keepers time to work on the green.


12 more coronavirus cases confirmed in York and North Yorks

TWELVE more coronavirus cases have been confirmed in York and North Yorkshire.

Latest figures published by Public Health England show that the City of York Council area has now had a total of 935 confirmed cases, compared with 931 on Monday.

The North Yorkshire County Council area has had a total of 2,614 confirmed cases, up by eight in comparison with the total of 2,606 cases published on Monday.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council area has had a total of 1,663 cases, up by three on the total of 1,660 confirmed on Monday.

The increases are over a two day period rather than 24 hours, as PHE did not publish any figures yesterday because of ‘technical problems.’

Meanwhile, NHS England said today that only six more people had died in English hospitals, none of them at York or Scarborough Hospitals.

Car almost submerged as driver gets stranded on Flamborough beach

Lifeboat crews had to rescue a stricken driver whose car got stuck at a beach in Flamborough as the tide came in.

Water was already overtopping the bonnet of the vehicle on South Landing beach when Flamborough RNLI managed to tow it to safety.

The crew were called out just before 7pm on Tuesday (August 11).

Flamborough RNLI said: “We launched on service at 6.48pm.

“A car was stranded on the beach at South Landing with rising tide up to the bonnet. Winch line from Lifeboat tractor was used to tow the car clear.

“Lifeboat and volunteer crew returned safely to station at 7.20pm. The lifeboat and tractor were cleaned and prepared ready for the next service.”

Humberside Police have issued a stern warning about driving on to South Landing beach.

On a Facebook it says: “The sign that leads up to the Lifeboat site at Southlanding in Flamborough is quite clear – ‘No unauthorised vehicles beyond this point’.

“If you are not a member of the RNLI , crew or any other emergency vehicle then you have no reason to be in this area.

Military clears 1,000 bombs off East Yorkshire beach

The Army has spent the last month blowing up almost 1,000 unexploded bombs on a beach.

The site near Cowden, East Yorkshire, was used as an RAF bombing range between 1959 and 1998.

Coastal erosion is now revealing practice bombs and other explosive devices buried in the cliff.

The coastguard was called out on a number of occasions after members of the public found unexploded ordnance.

Military bomb disposal teams have been collecting the weapons and destroying them in pits dug in the sand.

Sgt William Rhead said each tide uncovered more devices.

“We’ve got a range of practice bombs. There’s also mortars, projectiles,” he said.

“I think when you can visually see items of ordnance ready to fall out of a cliff face… it doesn’t take a trained eye to see the number of items that are here.”

Lt Sam Turner from the 35 Engineer Regiment said people should use common sense if they find items on the beach.

“If you see something that you think is a threat, don’t pick it up don’t engage with it,” he said.

“But if you do feel there is a threat to life obviously call the police or the coastguard.”

Proposed ‘Significant’ Cuts To Yorkshire Coast

Healthcare Services

An annual report has highlighted proposed ‘significant’ cuts to healthcare services on the Yorkshire Coast.

It comes from the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group for 2019/20.

It has resulted in a plea from Mike Heslop-Mullens, an East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor for Bridlington North, who wants services restored at the town’s hospital.

He is urging East Riding of Yorkshire Council to act as a collective to demand change from the Government.

Cllr Heslop-Mullens said:

“[Bridlington Hospital] has two thirds of its bed spaces empty and I think that’s ridiculous for a town of this size that we are now having to send people to Scarborough, York and in some cases to Malton for services that should be delivered where people are.

To Scarborough, it’s £52 return [for a taxi] and to York, it’s £110 return. If you want to travel by public transport to Scarborough, you really need to allocate six hours travel time and that to me is absolutely ridiculous.

Bridlington has 30 percent of its population over 60. We have seen during the pandemic the devastating effect of isolation from family can have on the mental health of people.

This is heightened if that person is already ill. Many of these people are on a fixed income, meaning they cannot visit their partners or spouse on a regular basis causing stress for both patients and family.

Digital technology is now being introduced for consultations, but many older people either do not have the equipment, or require face to face meetings in order to fully discuss their problems.

Bridlington Hospital is only 30 years old and has a catchment area which includes a quarter of the residents in the whole of the East Riding.

Bridlington deserves a hospital that serves the needs of its residents.”

You can read full report at:

UK weather forecast: Flash floods, lightning and relentless heat as summer storms sweep country

Heavy rain and thunder are expected for the north of England and parts of Scotland today as the heatwave is met by summer storms.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning covering most of the UK until Thursday evening, with risks of flash flooding and power cuts.

Thunderstorms are expected to sweep northwards across parts of Scotland this morning, while very hot weather is expected to continue in the South-East.

The Environment Agency has issued four warnings for expected flooding in the North-West – two at Lancaster and two at Ulverston – following downpours on Monday.

Five flood alerts have been issued for Birmingham and surrounding districts, while 19 are in place for Scotland, and one for Wales.

Some heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected for the north of England tonight, in what will be a warm night across most parts of the country.

London is expected to record a top temperature of 33C on Tuesday afternoon, while Birmingham’s forecast maximum is 30C.

Wednesday is expected to be very hot again in the south.

Severe thunderstorms warning for Yorkshire as Met Office issues weather alert

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms, in place from Monday to Wednesday.

After a scorching, sizzling weekend with some of the hottest temperatures of the year, it seems that the weather is set to take a turn for the worse.

The forecaster says some places are ‘likely to see severe thunderstorms’, and there could be localised flooding, lightning strikes, damage to buildings and large hail.

The Met Office also said that there is a slight chance power cuts could occur, and that fast flowing or deep floodwater could cause a danger to life.

The forecast:

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Variable cloud with sunny spells expected, and feeling very warm with heavy thundery showers likely. The nights will become humid with lighter winds. Likely cooler and cloudier near coasts.

Plans For Hotel At Golf Course Near Bridlington

Plans have been submitted to build an 84 room hotel at a golf course near Bridlington.

Pure Leisure Group, which owns Bridlington Links Golf Course and the nearby clubhouse, has submitted the application for the hotel to East Riding Council.

The application stated the hotel would provide good quality accommodation for guests attending weddings, conferences and other events at the clubhouse.

Documents stated the hotel would be one and a half storeys tall with a modern take on traditional design styles to fit into the wider area.

There would also be 95 car parking spaces built on the 3.2 acre site off Moor Road near Sewerby Hall.

Documents stated:

“The current site has an existing clubhouse comprising a wide range of uses, but significantly a function suite which is widely used for conferences, weddings and other promotional events.

The current offering falls short on suitable residential accommodation, and business has clearly suffered as a result. The proposals therefore aim to rectify this situation.

It is intended that the close proximity to the existing clubhouse will provide easy access for guests to share the additional leisure facilities that are provided.”

The application stated rooms at the rear of the hotel would have walk-out balconies to give guests “expansive” sea views.

Access to the hotel would be off Moor Road from the B1255 for vehicles. Walkers and cyclists would be able to reach it from a footpath along Moor Road, with the site also linked to surrounding towns by nearby bus routes.

Developers estimate 35 full time jobs could be created if the plans are approved.

Council planning officers wrote to the developers and stated the development should be in keeping with its surroundings as the site is in the East Riding’s Heritage Coast area.


Bridlington arcades facing ‘challenges’ as new face mask rules introduced

Amusement arcades are a popular part of every seaside resorts but they are facing challenges

They are a fixture of every seaside resort.

In Bridlington, the amusement arcades are one of the most popular attractions for day-trippers and holidaymakers alike.

And after being closed during the coronavirus lockdown, they are now coming back to life during the summer holidays.

New rules introduced on Saturday mean visitors heading to the arcades now have to wear masks inside.

Other indoor settings where the new rules apply include museums, galleries, cinemas and public libraries. Click here for the full list of where masks have to be worn.

These are in addition to existing rules covering shops, supermarkets, hospitals and public transport.

For resorts such as Bridlington, Hornsea and Withersea, the new measures will apply to dozens of hugely-popular seafront venues, including arcades and bingo halls.

Earlier this week, Hull Live found few people voluntarily wearing masks as they played in the traditional indoor amusement attractions in Bridlington.

One arcade owner, who did not wish to be named, has been running his seafront business in the town for nearly 25 years.

He said: “It’s going to be a challenge for us because people are just getting used to coming inside again after the lockdown.

“If they don’t wear a mask, we will have supplies ready to hand out.”

Bournemouth beach on red alert after ‘unsafe’ crowds gather to enjoy 30C heatwave

Red alerts have been declared on much of Bournemouth beach after “unsafe” crowds gathered to enjoy 30C weather.

A red alert occurs when authorities believe that social distancing is impossible.

The red alert comes despite pleas from local authorities for tourists to stay away, Somerset Live reports.

While some stretches of the beach are on orange alert, members of the public are being told to avoid it entirely.

Pictures show huge crowds of sunbathers and swimmers.

It come as Britons enjoy a scorching Saturday as temperatures surged once again.

The Met Office said temperatures had already reached 34.5C at Frittenden in Kent early on Saturday afternoon, with a chance the mercury could rise as high as 36C in the South East later in the day. 


A plan is in hand to raise the profile of the East Yorkshire port of Bridlington by linking its fishing industry to tourism, reports Tim Oliver
The development stems from a study carried out by Hull University, ‘Project Pincer 2’, commissioned by the North Eastern IFCA and funded by the Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) to look at the future of the local lobster industry.

The FLAG covers the East Riding of Yorkshire, from Flamborough Head to Spurn Point on the Humber estuary.

Bridlington is the largest shellfish landing port in the UK, and is the hub of a major shellfish fishery for lobster, crabs and whelks carried out along the Holderness coast, including the smaller towns of Hornsea and Withernsea, where boats work from the beaches.

Lobster landings in 2018 were 300t worth £4.4m, according to MMO figures. Crab landings were 2,612t worth £5.4m, and 652t of whelks were landed, valued at £710,000.

The Hull University Business School study said there was scope to add value to the lobster catch, which is currently mostly exported live to France, Spain and Portugal, with little local processing.

Ray Williamson, regeneration and funding advisor at the FLAG, said that the Hull University study made a series of recommendations on adding value to the product, including more local processing, improved quality control, grading and business-to-business branding.

It also looked at the feasibility of developing local facilities for longer-term storage of lobsters, for two to three months, so they could be sold when market prices were strong. There are holding tanks now at Bridlington, but they allow storage for only a few days.

The report also suggests developing the domestic market more to reduce the current reliance on exports.

A major proposal in the study is that Bridlington should take advantage of its position as the largest lobster port in Europe to support and develop tourism in the region, as well as boost business.

“We’ve got an enormous lobster landing port, but we’re not making much of that. You go to the USA, Canada, Newfoundland, they’re all making a big thing about being a lobster capital,” said Ray Williamson.

“A group of local fishing industry representatives and academics went to Newfoundland in January to see how they do things there, and one of the places they visited was Shediac in New Brunswick. They call themselves the lobster capital of the world – they don’t land anything there, but they have an enormous processing industry – and they have built an enormous tourism industry on the back of that, with 300,000 visitors a year.

“We believe Bridlington can do the same, and we have set up a steering group of local stakeholders to take forward the recommendations in the study based around the concept, ‘Bridlington Bay – lobster capital of Europe’.

Five more coronavirus cases in North Yorkshire

FIVE more cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in North Yorkshire – but there are no more in York.

Latest figures published yesterday by Public Health England said that the total number of cases in the North Yorkshire County Council area yesterday was 2,596, compared with 2,591 on Thursday.

The totals for the City of York Council area and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council areas remained unchanged, at 928 and 1,658 respectively.

Meanwhile, there were once again no more Covid-related deaths yesterday at either York or Scarborough Hospital, which are both run by the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The total number of deaths within the trust remains at 214, as it has since June 18.

Bridlington Coastguard Called To Incidents Involving Children

Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team says it was a busy afternoon for them yesterday as they were called to two separate incidents.

The first call-out yesterday (Thusrday 6th August) was to an 8-year-old who had fallen from a rope swing at Danes Dyke in Flamborough.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service teams were already on scene dealing with the casualty. Due to the location the Coastguard team were required for extraction by stretcher.

Because of the suspected injuries, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance was requested with Coastguard Rescue Officers securing a landing site for the arrival of Helimed. But the Coastguard says as soon as Helimed arrived, the helicopter was diverted to a serious accident elsewhere.

After liaising with Humber Coastguard, Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 912 was tasked and landed on Sewerby Cliff Top.

The boy was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, where Redcar Coastguard Rescue Team secured a landing site.

The second incident happened as soon as the helicopter left Bridlington.

The team were tasked at around 5.15pm to search for two missing children, again at Danes Dyke in Flamborough.

Filey Coastguard and HM Coastguard Hornsea were called to assist in the search along with Flamborough RNLI who conducted a shore line search from Flamborough to Bridlington Harbour.

Following an extensive search the two children were located in Bridlington by Humberside Police Officers.

Construction Starts Soon on New Roundabout in Bridlington

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has announced that construction will start in August on a new roundabout on the A165 Scarborough Road in Bridlington, halfway between the junctions of Seathorne Road and Grindale Lane.

The work will also include improving the existing footway to create a combined cycle/footway between Scarborough Roundabout and the new roundabout.

The £2million scheme includes a £1.2m contribution from the Government’s Local Growth Fund, secured by York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, following a successful bid by the council.

The roundabout will form the first phase of a new route that will eventually link the A165 and Bempton Lane. It will also provide access to planned housing development, which was agreed in 2012 as part of the council’s Masterplan for the north of Bridlington.

Work on the new roundabout is scheduled to begin on Monday, 17 August and is expected to last for around nine months. The council’s contractor will be Galliford Try.

Portfolio holder for Strategic Property, Infrastructure and Climate Change, Councillor Chris Matthews, said:

“I am very pleased that the council has once again made a successful bid to the Local Growth Fund to secure funding for this new roundabout, which will unlock access to much needed housing development in Bridlington.”

Chair of the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership Infrastructure and Joint Assets Board, David Dickson, said:

“This scheme provides vital infrastructure for future housing, paving the way for economic growth in the town. The LEP believes this presents a good fit for Local Growth Fund money and we’re pleased to see work getting underway.”

For the safety of the workforce, the travelling public and residents, two way traffic signals will be in place during the works. Noisy operations such as breaking out and cutting will not take place after 11pm. The existing 30mph limit on the A165 will be extended to cover the extent of the works area.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson added:

“We apologise to motorists for any inconvenience caused during these essential works, and ask them to bear with us as we create essential new infrastructure for the development of Bridlington.”

Yorkshire Bank in Bridlington Closes Today

Yorkshire Bank in Bridlington is closing its doors for the last time today.

It’s as it’s merged with Virgin Money, the announcement of which was originally made in February.

Customers from the Queen Street branch will be transferred to the Yorkshire Bank on Huntriss Row in Scarborough – that’s more than 17 miles away.

A spokesperson for Virgin Money said:

“The decision to close branches is never taken lightly. However, as our customers change the way they bank with us, we are evolving the role of our branches and investing in all of the ways that customers are choosing to bank with us, including our presence on the high street.

A number of factors were taken into consideration when making the difficult decision to close a branch, including location, proximity to alternative branches, usage, footfall and customer behaviour, with each branch assessed on an individual basis, carefully considering the impact on the local area, as well as the needs of vulnerable customers and the accessibility of alternative services such as free to use ATMs and the Post Office.”

Visitors to East Yorkshire attraction told face mask are ‘a must’ from weekend

Visitors to Sewerby Hall and Gardens are reminded that, in line with the latest government announcements, they will need to wear a face covering when visiting inside the house from Saturday August 8. 

Visitors to the house can scan QR codes to enjoy a range of short talks by education officer Robert Chester and curator Janice Smith. Subjects include the life of the servants; the Opening of the House by Amy Johnson in 1936; Amy’s solo flight to Australia 90 years ago; and the recent Rusticus Adventure about Amy Johnson. All these are also available on the Sewerby Hall You Tube channel.

In addition, visitors to the house can get digital links to activity sheets from Sewerby at Home, and also by using QR codes, can see a film about the architectural development of the house; an introduction to the temporary exhibition, ‘Beside the Seaside’; a film about the Greame family tree; and a film about the rooms as they were in 1910.

Meanwhile, visitors to the zoo can also scan QR codes to access short talks by head zookeeper John Pickering and assistant Melissa Tate about a wide range of the animals in the zoo. By Sue Wilkinson


Opening Hours

The Clubhouse, Bowling & Putting Greens are open every day between the beginning of April and the end of September between the hours of 10.00 and 17.00

If you are intending to use the bowling or putting greens then please ensure that you start your game no later than 16.00

Party Bookings

The Club sometimes receives enquiries for party bookings to use the green.

Party bookings are most welcome but we do have to make our League Games and Club Competitions a priority so please contact our Secretary for further information.

How To Find Us

After admission into the Sewerby Hall & Grounds simply follow the footpath across the front of The Hall to the seaward side of the wall and beside the grassed areas.

The footpath will eventually lead you to the Bridlington Bay Clubhouse where you will be made most welcome.

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