Newsletter (2) August 2020

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Members only at the moment due to covid recommendations

Newsletter (2) August 2020
Dear Members,

This Newsletter is to keep you up to date on Club issues.

The number of members attending the green has been reviewed to include those who do not wish to bowl, but still want to come and watch. Risk assessments have been carried out taking into account the 7 benches that have now been replaced to the seaward side of the clubhouse and the agreed permitted total of 26 maximum persons (12 on bowling green and 14 non-bowlers) at the green at any one time. A max. of 4 jacks allowed. Full Social distancing to be observed at all times.
A separateTrack and Trace attendance sheet for non-bowlers is placed in the foyer behind the security shutter, please enter name together with arrival and departure times.

Full annual green closure to allow for full green top dressing and seeding to be applied by the green keeping team is to take place from 25th September to 16th October. NO bowling on the green is allowed during this closure period.

The Management Committee has agreed due to the COVID-19 restrictions at present placed on large gatherings, the AGM for 2020 has been postponed. It is planned to hold this AGM on a date to be agreed in March 2021. The club accounts will be compiled and audited up to the usual October date, so year on year comparisons can still be made. The Members of the present Committee have agreed to continue in post until AGM in March, with the exception of John Hawnt who is standing down due to work commitments, also the Treasurer, Dianne Howard is stepping down, a replacement will be required. If you are interested in this post and would like to know more details, contact Dianne on 07779143095 or e-mail

Nominations for President, Officers and Committee Members together with proposals on the Constitution will be required to be returned to the Secretary by 31st January 2021, for taking forward to the AGM in March. A list for nominations will also be put down the clubhouse in the foyer. A nomination form is attached to this newsletter for those unable to get down to the green.
Any member wishing to propose a change or addition to the Club Constitution must do so in writing to the Secretary by 31st January 2021 latest.

Due to the COVID-19 restricting bowling since March, there will NOT be an End of the Season Presentation meal this year, hopefully things will improve sufficiently to allow for a Pre-Season meal to be arranged for March 2021.
David West, the Competitions Secretary, has issued a form to all members requesting registering of their League Bowling Choices, usually a list would be placed in the clubhouse for members to enter their name to indicate which league they wish to compete in next year.This year due to COVID-19 this normal practice is unable to take place, so please fill in your preferences on the form and return to David. Should you wish to play in the doubles leagues and do not have a partner, David is preparing a list to enable him refer you to another member also looking for a partner, this is an update from the info` on the original request form issued. You can contact David for more information on 01377 236757, mob. 07881974003 or e-mail note there is underscore symbol between Dave and west.
I will, of course, be keeping all members up to date through the Newsletters and also the Club website administered by Pete Hancock.
Yours Sincerely,

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The Club sometimes receives enquiries for party bookings to use the green.

Party bookings are most welcome but we do have to make our League Games and Club Competitions a priority so please contact our Secretary for further information.

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