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News Letter June 2020

Dear Members,

          At long last the news, I am sure, you have been waiting for since the lockdown was introduced in March, THE GREEN IS TO RE-OPEN ON MONDAY 22nd JUNE. It will be for club members only, and is subject to the guidelines being adhered to by all. A copy of the guidelines accompany this newsletter.  

          The guidelines have been produced by the Management Committee in accordance with the recommendations (Phase 2 of the Coronavirus Relaxing of Restrictions) as issued by the BCGBA and the YCCGBA, and to incorporate the requirements of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (our Landlord).The club had to obtain written permission from ERYC prior to being allowed to re-opening of the green.

          The club is uniquely located within Sewerby Hall Park, so this has meant extra necessary measures have been put in place to include signs and processes to prevent people accessing the green who are either not Brid. Bay B.C. members or members (who are there without a booking or exceeding their booking slot), and also to deter members of the public coming into the green area . Documentation showing these measures, procedures and full Risk Assessments were required to be submitted at the Phase 1 stage in May, and subsequently, updated and rewritten for the Phase 2 in June, as a result of the relaxation changes, so your Management Committee has been kept busy.

         Special Note; all bowlers must use their own equipment bought with them from home i.e. bowls, jack mat, tapes, scorer etc. However , if your bowls are still in the clubhouse, the Committee gives you permission to enter the clubhouse for the one off purpose of picking up your bowls, this to be  just before the first time you attend the green to bowl. Please use the anti-bacterial wipes provided to clean any surfaces you may have touched in the clubhouse. At all other times the Clubhouse is closed.  

          If you do not have your own jack and mat, these are available ready bagged up in the “foyer” at the clubhouse, to be picked up at the same time as collecting your bowls. You are required to sign for these, using your own pen, and will be your responsibility, to take home with you and wash thoroughly when you clean you own bowls. These items to remain in your possession until the Committee request you return them in the future.           

          There is a register at the clubhouse to be signed, putting in arrival and departure times, this is part of the `Track and Trace` process and will enable the club to have a record of any possible contacts. Again, please use your own pen.

          The club has a duty of care to put in these necessary measures and risk assessment actions in place to protect all club members and members of the public. The Management Committee ask all members to play their part also, and abide fully to the guidelines produced keeping everyone safe and well at these difficult times.

        Finally, on a sad note, since the end of last season, the club has seen the passing of Dave Walton, Dorothy Duke, Audrey Arnall , Margaret Robson and of former member Shirley Dixon. All will be missed, but not forgotten. 


Leo Graves, Secretary.




 These are Guidelines as issued by BCGBA and YCCGBA. No Club Discretion.

Please be aware that this guidance could change at any point and could be withdrawn if risk level increases.


  • Note: The clubhouse and toilets to remain closed till further notice.
  • Members only at the green and in club grounds . Total of 6 people maximum.
  • Only use the equipment brought from home (jacks, mats, bowls, tapes, scorer etc.)
  • Do not use any club communal equipment from the clubhouse.
  • Sterilize your equipment before and after use.
  • Maximum of 3 groups on the green at any time. ( Max. 3 jacks allowed )
  • Keep strict social distancing, you MUST remain at a safe distance (2 metres) from people outside your household. Groups to maintain social distancing and keep up to 4 metres between groups to allow groups members to follow social distancing.
  • Singles can be played against another bowler not in your household with social distancing of min. 2metres at all times.
  • Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity, wash your hands when you get home, avoid touching your face and use hand sanitizer while out if possible. When at the green be careful about touching solid surfaces.
  • You must have permission from the club to use the green booking time slot.
  • The green to be open MON -SUN, between 10 am and 4 pm.
  •  First time slot start at 10am and last slot start time 3pm. Total of 6 slots per day.
  • Arrive shortly before your start time and please depart as soon as you safely can do to enable others to access the green Please sign the in and out register, use own pen, this is part of the `Track and Trace ` procedure, having signed out, please do NOT wait around on the off- chance of getting another  game, all games must be booked in advance.
  • You MUST book a time slot by telephone with the Club Secretary between  9 and 11 only,  Mon. to Fri., on 01262 850963. Bookings taken from Mon. 15th June.   
  • Each slot is to be of 1hr. duration ONLY. Members limited to only ONE slot per day with a total Max. of 4 slots allowed  Mon – Sun. Repeat weekly bookings allowed.
  • Do NOT  turn up at the green without a booked time slot, you can only play if you have a booked time slot.
  • The club Management Committee is responsible for deciding when the green is to be open. When the greenkeepers have to work on the green, no time slots will be allocated. No members to be present when greenkeepers are at the green.
  • All members taking part in social bowling are required to abide fully with the above guidelines. Members to be aware not following the guidance puts the club at risk and potential fines can be imposed by the police for non-compliance.
  • A copy of these guidelines will be posted at the green.

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