15th October 2019

Green Closed for maintenance

The green remains closed till some time around the end of October. The Green team are still working on improving...
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14th October 2019

Ladies Styrrup Winners play at Halifax

Bridlington ladies stirrup cup team played in the final at Halifax Bowling club on Sunday 13th October. The first round...
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12th October 2019

Winter Merits

The following information has been found on the winter merits It is not official but comes from Paul Morgan Whitby...
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12th October 2019

Nominations for officers and Committee Members list now on Notice Board

The list to put your name down for club positions is on the board in the clubhouse Any member may...
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11th October 2019

End of Season Lunch and Prize Presentation

Bridlington Bay Bowling Club End of Season Lunch and Presentation  Belvedere Golf Club on Saturday 19th October 2019 12.00 for 12.30...
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10th October 2019


Notice is hereby given that the FORTY THIRD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF BRIDLINGTON BAY BOWLING CLUB will be held at ...
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9th October 2019

Watch Jack Bird, Borough B B C. – Playing Flat green

Jack Bird of Borough B C playing Flat green at Lincoln
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4th October 2019

In the Beginning – Part 3

The Bollington Jackdaw As mentioned in Part Two ,the newly formed "Bridlington Bay Bowling Club " in 1976 where deciding...
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3rd October 2019

Maintenance Week Continues

Maintenance week Work has carried on all week by a number of hard working members. The Clubhouse has had a...
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29th September 2019

End of season Lunch – Belvedere Golf Club

  Bridlington Bay Bowling Club End of Season Lunch and Presentation  Belvedere Golf Club on Saturday 19th October 2019 12.00...
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28th September 2019

In the Beginning Part 2

  The Start. Having finally received the confirmation from North Wolds Parks and Recreation,  Mr. Oates , acting as secretary,...
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25th September 2019

Club Green Maintenance in Progress – September

The Green will be closed for maintenance till at least October The end of season maintenance week has started this...
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22nd September 2019

Association Merit – 22nd Sept. – Hunmanby B C

Winner    Pam Watson  21 Runner up    Phil Todd  12 Semi Final    John Cooper    -    Jo...
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21st September 2019

Ladies Single Merit Dukes Park B. C.

  Winner    Sheila Dyson Runner up   Stacey Deighton Semi Finals     S Green  -  P Watson Quarter Final   L Watson ...
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17th September 2019

In the Beginning – Part 1

A Brief History of Bridlington Bay Bowling club Sewerby Hall   In the Beginning Early November in 1976, a resident...
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16th September 2019


SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th    HUNMANBY SINGLES MERIT Ian Richardson beat Pam Watson 21 - 20 in the final Semi Final ...
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13th September 2019

Brid Bay B.C. V Kings B.C. , Rotherham

Wonderful weather greeted the kings Bowling club members from Rotherham ,South Yorkshire for the annual match against the Brid Bay...
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6th September 2019

Anniversary Trophy Results Sunday 8th Sept.

Anniversary Trophy Semi Finals & Final Sunday 8th September. 2019 Start 1-00 pm Steward: Leo Graves. On a beautiful sunny...
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4th September 2019

Team Entries for 2020

For the 2020 season , we have been informed that there is a possibility Scarborough and District Bowling association may...
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3rd September 2019

Winter Bowls Drives

Bridlington Bay Bowling Club Winter Bowls Drives Start Thursday 31st October 2019 Names of players are required by 12-00 Noon...
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1st September 2019

Rosebowl Doubles Final Results

Rosebowl Doubles Final 1st September A lovely day produced some great bowling from all who played today in the Rosebowl...
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31st August 2019

Ladies Rose Bowl – Saturday 31st August

Ladies Rose Bowl Semi Finals & Final Congratulations to Doreen Mortimer on winning the Ladies Rose Bowl Trophy. The final...
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31st August 2019

Dolphin Bowl Trophy – Friday 30th August

Dolphin Bowl Trophy   Final Friday 30th August 2019 Congratulations to Bill Burnside on winning the Anniversary Trophy. The final was...
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29th August 2019

Saturday – Division 2 Winners

Congratulations to the Saturday A Team for winning the Division 2 League Division 2 Matches Pos. Team Pl W L...
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26th August 2019

Match Results Monday 26th August

Division 2 Mon 26th Aug BRIDLINGTON BAY 2 WESTGATE 2 Robert Humpleby 21 Ruth Meades 14 Keith Davey 21 Susan...
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24th August 2019

Ladies Singles Merit – Result

Ladies Singles Merit Bridlington Bowling Club 25th August 2019 Congratulations to Jackie Turner on winning 21-18 against Stacey Deighton in...
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23rd August 2019

ROSEBOWL Doubles Final Sunday 1st September

ROSEBOWL Doubles Final Sunday 1st September Draw David Lowe Sheila Dyson Tommy Donald Graham Walker Aled Jones Shirley Dolphin Jennie...
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20th August 2019

Club Comps Coming up

Dolphin Bowl Friday 30th August. 2019   Start 1-00 pm (Entries on the day) Steward: Keith Davey. Mob. 01262 851829 Ladies...
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20th August 2019

Bridlington Bay Merits

Sunday 25th August Ladies Single Merit 9-30 am Start -------------------------------------- Sunday 1st September Rosebowl Doubles Final 9-30 am Start All...
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18th August 2019

Clock Bowls Trophy Result -Sunday 18th August

The Clock Bowls Trophy was played today in lovely Sunshine The competition is a 20 minute timed game , after...
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16th August 2019

Men V Women Comp. ” The Jackdaw Trophy “

The Jackdaw Trophy competition between the lady members and gents of Bridington Bay Bowling Club was played today in lovely conditions...
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15th August 2019

Friday 16th August Jackdaw Trophy

Men Versus Women The Jackdaw Trophy Friday 16th August There for 12-30 pm Start 1-00 pm  
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15th August 2019

Sunday 18th August Clock Bowls Trophy

Clock Bowls Trophy Sunday 18th August. 2019  Start 1-00 pm Steward: John Hawnt. Tel. 01262 422181
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12th August 2019

Ladies Stirrup Cup Season Meal

The Bridlington Bay B.C. ladies team of 2019 enjoyed a meal at the Seabirds Restaurant  on Monday lunchtime to celebrate...
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10th August 2019

“Gents Versus Ladies” Charity Match

The name for the Men Versus Women trophy on the 16th August has been voted for and it is my...
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9th August 2019

Autumn Cup Winner 9th August

The Semi final and Final of the Autunm Cup was played this afternoon with Leo Graves winning Bill Burnside in...
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31st July 2019

Ladies Vesus Gents Trophy Name

The Men against Women Challenge match entries will close Friday 9th August. The following names for the trophy have been...
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26th July 2019

Ladies Drawn Pairs Trophy Sunday 11-00 AM

Ladies Drawn Pairs Trophy Sunday, 28th July 2019  – Start 11-00 am Steward: Dianne Howard. Tel. 07779 143095 Mob: 07704...
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5th July 2019

Ladies Stirrup Cup Results

Congratulations to the ladies of Brid Bay on winning the Stirrup Cup Brid Bay Captain Eileen Davey,    Westgate Captain...
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1st July 2019

Ladies Stirrup Cup – BridBay v Westgate

The Final Game of the Ladies Stirrup Cup is on Friday 5th July Bridlington Bay B.C.  V  Westgate B.C. 2-00pm...
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30th June 2019

BridBay Mens Single Merit 30th June

BridBay Mens Single Merit 30th June         Winner   Kevin Gates       Runner up  Geoff Price...
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28th June 2019

Ladies Stirrup Cup Result

Ladies Stirrup Cup  Dukes Park 28th June J Allen 21 N Kent 8 D Mortimer 21 L Rippendale 17 B...
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23rd June 2019

Presidents Salver Comp Results – Allen v Allen

President’s Salver Sunday, 23rd June 2019  –  10-30 Steward: Leo Graves Winner         Tony Allen     Runner...
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22nd June 2019

As a Rule, there is a Rule ?

Crown Green Bowling Rules A major contribution of Eddie Elson to the crown game was his part in consolidating a...
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21st June 2019

Club Competition Sunday – President’s Salver

President’s Salver Sunday, 23rd June 2019 10-30am Start Steward: Leo Graves.
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9th June 2019

Summer Merit – 9th June Borough B.C.

Winner   -  S Thompson Runner up  -   I Richardson Semi  -  W Holdsworth  /  A Webb    
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8th June 2019

GoodWill Cup Result – 9th June 10-30 Start

GoodWill Cup Bridlington Bay Bowling Club 9th June 2019   Congratulations to Stan Eaton who won the Goodwill cup against...
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5th June 2019

Bridlington B.B. Club Badge

Julie Shaw , in the Echo Wrote " A story goes that a builder was making repairs to the old...
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2nd June 2019

Whats on the Table So Far ?

Evening Singles Division 1 Pos. Team Pl W L D For 1 DUKES PARK 1 8 7 1 0 1258...
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26th May 2019

Jubilee (Drawn) Mixed Pairs Trophy Results

A very enjoyable day in mostly unexpected good weather was had today with some great bowling from the members who...
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24th May 2019

Styrrup Cup Results

Westgate        v Dukes Park J Smith 21 B Firth 13 V Walmsley 16 N Kent 21 R Baxter 21...
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18th May 2019

Bridlington Bay Bowling Club

I Would like to add a history article on the Bridlington Bay Bowling club History Above is a photo of...
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18th May 2019

Security Boost for Clubhouse

A grant has been obtained from the TWO RIDINGS CRIME REDUCTION FUND in partnership with EAST RIDING CRIME REDUCTION FUND...
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17th May 2019

Jubilee (Drawn) Mixed Pairs Trophy

Jubilee (Drawn) Mixed Pairs Trophy Sunday, 26th May 2019 – Start 10-30 am Steward: Sue Eaton. Mob. 01262 602021
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3rd May 2019

Stirrup Cup Result – Brid bay v Dukes Park 3rd May

  Brid Bay B C Dukes Park B C 1 L Humpleby 21 S Gormley 9 2 S Dell 17...
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26th April 2019

Stirrup Cup Result – Brid Bay v Westgate

Stirrup Cup Result Bridlington Bay v Westgate 26th April 2019 S West         21   J Smith     ...
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13th April 2019

Spotlight on Crown Green Bowling Manufacturers

  Taylor  -  LEADING BOWLS INNOVATOR  -  FOR OVER 200 YEARS GRIPPA BLACK - HIGH DENSITY   £125 Developed in close consultation with...
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7th April 2019

Stirrup Cup Report

The 2018 Stirrup winners,Brid Bay Ladies finally got to play in the Y.C.C.G.B.A ladies top team event at  Cleckheaton  in the...
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25th March 2019

Spotlight on Crown Green Bowling Manufacturers

Drakes Pride Crown Green Bowls Richmond Crown Green Richmond is the new name for the Drakes Pride standard bowl. 2...
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15th March 2019

Defibrillator at Brid Bay Bowling Club

  About defibrillators A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone...
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12th March 2019

Put some Colour in your Bowling

From Various Makers DESCRIPTION In addition to the Standard, Deluxe & Hi-Denisty models we also offer this Harlequin range of...
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12th February 2019

Buyers Guide to Crown Green Bowls – Part 3

Buyer's Guide to Crown Green Bowls  Part 3.      The Making of a Bowler - All But   Brands When purchasing...
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7th February 2019

Buyers Guide to Crown Green Bowls 2 – Sorry for the weight

Buyers' Guide To Crown Green Bowls  Part 2   What size crown green bowls do i need Crown green bowls...
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1st February 2019

Buyers Guide – What a Load of Bowls

Buyers' Guide To Crown Green  Bowls.    Part 1.      What a load of Bowls   Below you will find answers...
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25th January 2019

A Very Unsavoury Game Part 3

History of Golf  -  Part 3     The Bias has been Invented For years bias was imparted by means of weights...
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22nd January 2019

Get a Grip of your Game ?

If you have 5 minutes ,take a look at the info on one way to  (?) correctly  Grip your ball,...
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19th January 2019

A Very Unsavoury Game – Part 2

If we travel further back into the mists of time, we find that the Egyptians played marbles with knuckle-bones. This...
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14th January 2019

A Very Unsavoury Game Part 1

Those of you who have fallen for the gentle image of the game of bowls had better think again. Of...
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11th January 2019

Bowling Green Etiquette Hints of the past

Bowling Green Etiquette Hints Players should use the steps provided when going on or off the Bowling Green. 2. Bowls...
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5th January 2019

2019 Captains Letter

Bridlington Bowling Club Captain 2019 Eileen Davey Happy New Year to you all. I have undertaken the job of club...
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30th December 2018

Rule of the Week “A Brief History”

Crown Green Bowling Rules A major contribution of Eddie Elson to the crown game was his part in consolidating a...
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24th December 2018

Rule of the Week 2 (Part 2)

  METHOD OF PLAY 2 5.7 A player may retain possession of the footer until that player's bowl has ceased...
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16th December 2018

Rule of the Week 2

METHOD OF PLAY 1 5.1 At no time may the footer be used with the centre less than one metre...
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8th December 2018

Rule of the Week 11

  SETTING A MARK. 4.1 In an attempt to set a mark, a player bowling the jack must allow the...
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Opening Hours

The Clubhouse, Bowling & Putting Greens are open every day between the beginning of April and the end of September between the hours of 10.00 and 17.00

If you are intending to use the bowling or putting greens then please ensure that you start your game no later than 16.00

Party Bookings

The Club sometimes receives enquiries for party bookings to use the green.

Party bookings are most welcome but we do have to make our League Games and Club Competitions a priority so please contact our Secretary for further information.

How To Find Us

After admission into the Sewerby Hall & Grounds simply follow the footpath across the front of The Hall to the seaward side of the wall and beside the grassed areas.

The footpath will eventually lead you to the Bridlington Bay Clubhouse where you will be made most welcome.

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